When Will U.S. Citizens Realize the Govt. Has NO INTEREST in Curbing Drug Violence?

Question by Divide and Conquer 2012: When will U.S. citizens realize the govt. has NO INTEREST in curbing drug violence?
If they did they wouldn’t continue to pursue the same tactics that failed during alcohol prohibition and continued to fail during the war on drugs and ARE CONTINUING TO FAIL IN STOPPING CARTEL VIOLENCE.

The demand for **illegal** drugs fuels the drug market. Competition over **illegal** profits fuels drug violence. VERY SIMPLE. If the drugs cease to be illegal, the groups selling them will cease to have a reason to fight over illegal profits. Also, the industry could be regulated to insure the safety of consumers. Not to mention the cartels are so wealthy they can BUY OFF the Mexican govt. (just like Al Capone did in Chicago during prohibition).

Mexico drug violence rises on border despite army

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (Reuters) – Killings between rival drug cartels are rising again in Mexico’s most violent city despite a massive army deployment that temporarily slashed the murder rate on the U.S. border.

Drug gangsters in Ciudad Juarez who used to chase enemies in flashy black jeeps have lowered their profile but are still killing each other as 10,000 troops and federal police patrol the city, across the border from El Paso, Texas.

“Criminals are taking a different approach, using pistols not assault weapons and driving around in small, old cars to reach their rivals, ditching their SUVs,” said army spokesman Enrique Torres.

The government says the army has cut drug murders by up to 80 percent since soldiers arrived in March — but gangs killed 12 people on May 1 in one of the bloodiest days this year.

The 231 drug murders recorded in Ciudad Juarez in February dropped to 64 in March, the army says. But the number crept up to 81 in April and is already over 30 for the first week of May, according to police and media tallies.
maxwell………..”There will still be an underground black market for the drugs that are significantly cheaper because they aren’t taxed.”

Notice how the cartels will be selling drugs at “significantly cheaper” prices MEANING they won’t be making nearly as much money. MEANING they can’t afford as many guns, bribes, etc.

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Answer by Proud Tree Hugging Liberal! Lola
as soon as you stop ranting

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7 Responses to When Will U.S. Citizens Realize the Govt. Has NO INTEREST in Curbing Drug Violence?

  • Union_Dooz says:

    You are so full of it go get a enema before you explode.

  • Rhoda says:


  • Leave the Gun. Take the Cannoli. says:

    If it’s dopers killing dopers I have no interest in curbing it either.

  • Maxwell says:

    Just because you make drugs legal, it isn’t going to shut down the cartels.

    There will still be an underground black market for the drugs that are significantly cheaper because they aren’t taxed to fuel the cartels (aside from them having cornered the world’s market on coke plantations).

    Do you want to pay an additional $ 50 an ounce for the weed I assume you currently smoke?

    Or will you continue to buy it from your current dealer for the current price?


    The same day the figure out Goverment is the problem.
    They support the Cartels.
    But sheople like the Kool Aid it feels safer

  • ?????????? says:

    never they are to brain washed by propaganda

  • Big One 0909 says:

    Look pal, just because we find it remarkable that a country who supposedly has a freely elected government, and is rich with natural resources, and cultural heritage, And such diligent workers who do not expect a great deal of compensation; Could have so much corruption, and poverty and violence, it does not mean we think it is OUR problem!

    get it?

    And we resent Mexicans trying to Make it OUR problem.

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