QUESTION: Is It Wrong for Prisoners With HIV to Be Segregated?

QUESTION: Is It Wrong For Prisoners With HIV To Be Segregated?

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According to a statement from the civil-rights group, the policy automatically excludes HIV+ prisoners from access to work-release and drug-rehabilitation programs and certain housing privileges. Some have been made to wear white armbands to identify …
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Crisis imperils Portugal's drug program

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Some experts believe the drug treatment program has already been weakened after Goulao's autonomous IDT agency and its 1,700 staff was merged with the country's National Health Service as part of the government's cost-cutting process. "It was the worst …
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Navy drugrehab school celebrates latest graduates

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Rear Adm. Traikhwan Krairith congratulated the patients for completing their 120-day drug rehabilitation program at the Air and Coastal Defense Command facility Aug. 15. Rear Adm. Traikhwan Krairith congratulates the patients for completing their 120 …
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Nadia Lockyer back in rehab after drug arrest

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Her lawyer says Lockyer recognizes her error and has re-entered a drug rehabilitation program. Lockyer is the estranged wife of State Treasurer Bill Lockyer. She resigned as a supervisor following a sex scandal with a man she met at another rehab clinic.


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