More Drug-Exposed Babies Treated at Genesis

More drug-exposed babies treated at Genesis

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Among pregnant women ages 14 to 44, about 4.4 percent reported using illicit drugs during a 2010 survey. » It is estimated pregnant … TREATMENT HELP. For more information about addiction treatment, call Muskingum Behavioral Health at 740-454-1266.
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Gonorrhea Needs to Be Treated by More-Potent Injections

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A growing strain of gonorrhea that's resistant to all available drugs should spur a change in how the disease is treated in the U.S., where the type hasn't yet been seen, according to health officials. Doctors now need to use more potent injections …
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Forum to address opiate addiction

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In fiscal 2010 alone, there were 974 admissions from small towns south of Quincy for treatment of heroin or opioid pill addiction. This number does not include any privately paid admissions, so the actual number is greater. That 974 compares to 2136 …
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