Internet/Information OVERLOAD. (Help!!)


Internet/Information OVERLOAD. (help!!) – Time to get offline?


Pervert Raymond Taylor spared jail despite downloading degrading animal porn

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A pervert who downloaded child sex abuse images and animal porn from the internet has been spared jail… because he had sought help for his addiction early. Raymond Taylor stood shame-faced in the dock as a judge told him it had “tipped the balance” …
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Thoughts On My Father's Death

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He died this past Thursday, in his sleep, after a 15-year battle with drug addiction and untreated mental illness. I found out on Friday, my 33rd birthday. The last time I heard from my dad was two weeks prior to his death, in an email sent from an …
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7 Responses to Internet/Information OVERLOAD. (Help!!)

  • Matthew Rivard says:

    Only thumbs down to make? it 99% HAH

  • jh2341000 says:

    I am online way too much.? I know this, but I can’t seem to break away from it. It’s like I am “hooked” or something. Thank you for your honest video. 🙂

  • StarletSpeak says:

    @CosmeticCat Hi Kitty, Thank you for watching and contemplating on what I said. 🙂 I love your comment. It’s true, people seem to have a need to? confess things. I think that posting the ‘confessions’ online may feel/seem anonymous until people really THINK about the fact of how many people are seeing what they are posting. Thank you ?

  • StarletSpeak says:

    Thank you so? much Aberdeen. I think many people feel the same way that we do — it is a self-inflicted to-do list of (mostly) needless items on top of our already busy and pretty hectic lives. It can cause a lot of stress to feel like we have to ‘keep up.’ Like you, in addition to facebook, twitter, and tumblr, I have several subscriptions to people on YouTube and plenty of blogs that I sub to. That’s a LOT of screen time. I think MANY people want to disconnect. Thank you!

  • Aberdeen Sather says:

    Really good vid…I wish all people would ask the same questions about this. I just got a smart phone, but I really crave to? be disconnected. I feel like I’m always in some type of competition…Youtube subscriptions to watch, blogs to read…it’s almost like this self-inflicted to-do list! You are so right!! I think the idea of setting goals to be away from technology is important. Bravo, Debbie!

  • MichCoccaBene says:

    lol yep its a real one, a small one but its real. he loves Nick Jr and plays? Dora and Diego games and stuff! lol what is this world coming to!

  • StarletSpeak says:

    Isn’t it crazy? Remember when computers came out, hardly anyone could afford one of the big beasts, and, at most, you had 1 and everyone was fighting for it??? Really? Your 3 year old has one? Is it a real-life laptop? And yes, I agree about Facebook. I started to feel a bit embarassed FOR people and realized – uh? oh, I’ve been over sharing too! Hugs! ?

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