Cox to Remain on Pregnant Woman's Drug Case

Cox to remain on pregnant woman's drug case

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On Oct. 5, Aguilar appeared before Cox seeking to be sent to a drug rehabilitation center as part of her sentence. The judge tentatively approved the agreement, but he was displeased that Aguilar missed some of her appointments with her probation …
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IHOP under scrutiny for cult link after Bethany Deaton alleged rape, murder

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17, 2012, the Kansas City Star published two in-depth articles detailing the associations Tyler Deaton had with IHOP as well as Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. The Star compiled an in-depth look at Deaton and his start as a cult leader.


I, Robot: Paraplegics Get An Assist

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Brian Shaffer tests an exoskeleton developed by researchers at Vanderbilt University at a rehabilitation center in Franklin, Tenn. The exoskeleton locks around the legs and feet. To stand … centers and hospitals in the U.S. for now. To move wearable …
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