Happy Ending: From Drug Addict to Chaplain

Happy ending: From drug addict to chaplain

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When they need guidance, they look to one man in particular — a chaplain who shares their story of survival. This is a place of refuge, a place of hope, both for things physical and spiritual, and no one knows the benefit of the Phoenix Rescue Mission …
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As risk grew, hospitals turned a blind eye

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In Kwiatkowski's case, the substitute syringes were contaminated with traces of the virus he acquired during his state-to-state travels and years of drug abuse. Kwiatkowski declined to be interviewed for this story. His case has become a stark reminder …
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What Should Doctors Risk for their Patients?

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I strongly encourage readers of this blog to read the story, which discusses the issue from the perspectives of doctors, patients, and family members. The story reports that a small number of … Over the past five years, 17% of the deaths related to …
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Kabul Movie Houses Take a Break From Insurgents and Chaos

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He worries that after seeing so many pictures of Afghan drug addicts, jihadists and amputees that people in the United States might be unable to relate to Afghans as people any more. In 2008 Saruk was embedded with U.S. forces but left to find stories …
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