Drug Addiction Kills


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An indie on addiction that has some laughs

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Inevitably, addiction movies – whether they're about alcoholics or drug or sex addicts – trace a common arc. The characters pass through the stages of use and abuse, denial and (sometimes) acknowledgment, alienating friends and family along the way.
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'Sam Good' the movie premieres in Huntsville

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In a scene from the movie "Sam Good," which premieres in Huntsville Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012, at 7 p.m. at The Rave on Four Mile Post, Curtis Ellington, playing drug kingpin "Moses A. Brown," confronts Molly, played by Bethany Fuller, and her boyfriend …
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  • shiel17 says:

    The family and friends of the addict suffer just as much if not more… my shout out is to them, check out this fairly new support network that i came across… great for networking and getting help or? member advise. ixaddict (dot) com

  • carole T says:

    This video tells more in a few seconds? than any other type of message I have read, or seen on the subject of drug addiction … Thanks for sharing .

  • ler1x says:


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