Drug Addiction: Ex-Celtic Chris Herren Using “Project Purple” to Fight Drug Addiction – YAHOO!

Ex-Celtic Chris Herren using “Project Purple” to fight drug addiction – YAHOO!

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Chris Herren already knows how this is going to end when the Boston sky darkens Tuesday evening and one by one the downtown buildings – from the Prudential Tower to the state capitol to UMass-Boston – are bathed in a purple glow for his anti-drug project.
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Russell Brand’s call to action against drug addiction – Sheknows.com

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If addictions were seen — and treated — differently by the public and the media, would fallen stars like Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston still be alive? Russell Brand isn’t just the hilarious ex of Katy Perry — he is also, and will always be, a …
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Binge eating may lead to addiction-like behaviors

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In the short term, this finding may shed light on the factors that promote substance abuse, addiction, and relapse. In the long term, may help clinicians treat individuals suffering from this devastating disease. "Drug addiction persists as a major …
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Cocaine Brain? Cognitive Decline Tied To Chronic Use Of Illicit Drug

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They found that on average, healthy individuals who didn't use the drug lost about 1.7 milliliters of grey matter annually, whereas cocaine users were losing closer to 3.1 milliliters each year. Cocaine users lost much more gray matter in the …
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Demi Lovato recalls bulimia & drug addiction: I starved myself down to 88 pounds

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Actress Demi Lovato has her share of bad days, but is on the road to a full recovery after completing a three-month stint in rehab for bulimia and drug addiction in January 2012. Lovato, 19, says therapy and self-acceptance has helped her overcome her …
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News Ex-Celtic Chris Herren Using "Project Purple" To Fight Drug Addiction
Former Celtics guard Chris Herren is being honored by the team for helping launch a program to fight drug addiction. … Read News

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