Addiction, Recovery and the Dangers Young People Face Today

Addiction, Recovery and the Dangers Young People Face Today

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Robotripping, dank, bath salts, spice, triple C’s, skittles, Roxies, Oxys, Xanibars, K2, if these names don’t sound familiar, the current trends in juvenile drug abuse are as surprising to you as they were to me. A recovering addict myself, …
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Ryan Leaf’s arrest brings sadness, but not surprise

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We talked for more than an hour, and several times during the conversation tears welled in his eyes as he told the story of his long spiral into drug addiction. In 2009, Leaf had been arrested in Texas on drug and burglary charges.
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Kenny: The failed war on drugs

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Molina argued that “global drug policy today is based on a false premise: that the global drug markets can be eradicated.” Drug abuse, like alcoholism, should be treated as a public health problem, he suggested. We should consider a move towards drug …
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I mean, sheesh, they were teaching kids about the dangers of smoking when I was in for 8 years and it took me literally a year and a half to break free from the addiction. My dad died at 32 from smoking so if u think it dosent happen to young people think again.? I’m giving up today as I’m also … View Video

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Funny how today‘s music encourages you? to get high, while that of the past taught you to stay Drug addiction can make the weak minded even weaker. I hate when people say that I’m just using the methadone as a substitute. … View Video

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