Would a Judge Go Easy on Me of I Used Stress as a Defense for Drug Use ?

Question by sparky slade: Would a Judge go easy on me of I used stress as a defense for drug use ?
for example of you had loads of exams and were stressed and used coke to relax and helped you study

Just wondering ?

Thanks in advance

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Answer by LoveWithSilence
No. That’s just stupid to even wonder. Pathetic excuse for a pathetic habit.

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6 Responses to Would a Judge Go Easy on Me of I Used Stress as a Defense for Drug Use ?

  • Excuse Me says:

    Coke does not relax you. weirdo

  • Mark says:

    No he would not. For one cocaine has not been shown to provide relaxation or calming effects. Regardless of the reason you would have been of guilty action and guilty mind.

  • David says:

    No, for numerous reason. Most important, coke does not help a person relax.

  • sokkosrobot says:

    i highly doubt it, if so then people would claim stress made me do about everything.

  • Tim says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t coke a stimulant? If you said you were using in order to relax, I think he would be harder on you for lying and not taking responsibility for your actions.

    Instead, I would recommend you take a different tack. Admit you did it, show remorse for it, offer to enter a rehab program, apologize to your mom (in front of the judge and on record, of course), and accept the consequences like an adult.

    That sort of action will make the judge more likely to go easy on you.

  • LightAndFunny says:

    No. You are better off admitting you have a problem.

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