Why Isn’t Incurable Illness Punishable by Death?

Question by : Why isn’t incurable illness punishable by death?
I see so much money and effort spent on incurably ill people. Why? Why spend so much money to make a paraplegic person’s life easier when everyone (including the sick person) knows they’d be better off dead? Why make “psych wards” in hospitals to keep mentally ill people who will never be cured and will never do anything productive? Same goes for drug addict “rehab centers” that only actually help a small fraction of its interns.

This planet is overpopulated. There aren’t enough resources for everyone. If we get rid of these sick people, everyone else would have a better life.

I know this statement is morally preposterous, but I also know it’s a valid solution to overpopulation and the logical thing to do.

Please don’t hate. This is for serious answers only.

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Answer by brucec83
You know, the Nazis had that idea in 1932. They euthanized a lot of handicapped people until the Pope got involved and made them stop it. But if you are ever lost in the woods with a broken leg, I’ll be sure to remember that you’d rather be shot than slow the rest of us up.

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2 Responses to Why Isn’t Incurable Illness Punishable by Death?

  • Dr. Sna?k ® says:

    You know, when the Nazis were doing their thing and cleaning house of all the “undesirables” in society, the only time Hitler got any pushback was when he started killing off the retards and cripples. Seriously, the Germans were perfectly fine with him slaughtering Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Russians, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, whatever…but the only time they stood up and said “wait a minute, we might be taking this a bit too far” was when he turned on the helpless members of society. And you know what? Hitler did back off. That’s the only time Hitler was convinced to back off of anything, ever. That’s the only time he looked at himself and said “you know what, they’re right. That’s pretty low, even for me.”

    You know that your position is WAY out there when even Hitler is like, “yeah, that’s further than I’m willing to go.”

  • adam says:

    Couple of things…we aren’t overpopulated. We are just very uneven with our resources. Our planet has enough resources to sustain far more then the current population…but that’s only in a impossible perfect world situation. Yea that’s not much of a difference but still.

    And you actually have a point. Their clearly are people who will never ever have a decent quality of life. Their are indeed terminal diseases and conditions. That’s fact. Just because we have the technology to keep people alive just for the sake of keeping them alive doesn’t mean its the right thing to do.

    But to think our lives would improve by a noticeable degree if a few million terminals suddenly died off isn’t logical anyway. How much can you legitimately say you’re being held back because terminal people are being kept alive? Do you really need the feeding and breathing tube and constant nurse care these people are getting? Or some of their expensive medication that would totally make you trip on a bad level? All the money going towards them would just be redirected to another lost cause..you wouldn’t see a cent. And then we would have millions of people suddenly out of a job. All the caretakers and doctors and assorted staff at psych wards and various hospitals. Assisted living homes would lose many of their terminal residents, which would mean loss of money and then being closed down, what to do with the seniors who can still function but don’t have any place to go? If nothing else that would create more public strain.

    What would happen if say Americans spent a fraction more of their earned money on other people who seriously need it as opposed to something wasteful and dumb that only makes currently rich people richer? What if we eliminated all the restrictions on real medical and genetic science and actually eliminated so much of what goes wrong with people? What if we changed the long standing view that we must simply live for as long as possible but instead walked happily into the grave when our life’s work was done? Man has struggled with mortality for as long as their has been man, but no matter what or who, we all die.

    Just some different point of views.

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