Why Do Some Christians Consider Certain Music to Be “evil” but Aren’t Afraid to Watch Horror Movies?

Question by [email protected]:~$ whoami : Why do some Christians consider certain music to be “evil” but aren’t afraid to watch horror movies?
Hi I listen to a variety of music. Anything from metal to country. I like bands like Metallica,Megadeth, Pantera and ect. Dave Mustaine who is the frontman of the band Megadeth is a Christian! There was a show somewhere in Europe I think where this Death Metal band who uses satanic imagary and lyrics wanted to tour with Megadeth. But Mustaine refused their invitation, saying he did not agree anything they stood for. But yet some are still critical of them. Metallica wrote a song known as “Creeping Death” which was based on the movie “The Ten Commandments” It is off the album Ride The Lightning. If you read the lyrics it will be confirmed! Why is some stuff labeled “evil” or “satanic” when it isn’t? And why is some stuff like television violence acceptable? Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” is a song about drug addiction meaning that drugs kill! And another one off the same album “Leper Messiah” meaning the money savior. A song about crooked evangelists. Nothing satanic at all!

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Answer by craazzy_lady
all movies are evil.

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A Short Film About Drug Addiction – This is my first short film i made for college, it was filmed on a standard palmcorder in one day with two days to edit it.


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From Twitter:

I really like drug addiction movies like they’re really really interesting and yeah idk am I weird probably whatever I love them ok – by acidbutt (Sidney ?)


29 Responses to Why Do Some Christians Consider Certain Music to Be “evil” but Aren’t Afraid to Watch Horror Movies?

  • jp says:

    Curiosity but i dont watch horror movies

  • kikisdragon says:


  • flashypsw says:

    I don’t watch horror movies, real life is scary enough.

  • Southern Apostolic says:

    I don’t watch movies or television. I think they are all bad.

  • Hate Boy! says:

    To take pleasure in anything but the Lord is sin. These things are temporal – they come and go. They are the work of Satan who cannot create permanence. All music and all movies are sin.

    I do not fear them. You become what you fear. I fear the Lord.

  • lucas g says:

    THey know that horror movies are fact, but music is coming from real people that are sending off bad messages.

  • mx3baby says:

    To answer your question…in a word, it is hypocrisy!

  • selah says:

    Neither is acceptable.

  • pelouse27 says:

    Because most every Christian see’s themself as “THE” perfect Christian. So, What they don’t like, is automatically labeled as Satanic.

  • JPMUPSO says:


  • 9aroo5a7mer says:

    im 9 months clean and proud, now im on my way to college?

  • theSPUDereHD says:

    what grade did? you get?

  • letsgehachicken says:

    personally i think this video is amazing annd all my friends agree, to think you were only in college a while doing this you are mad talented! to the people with negative comments, go fuck yourself and get off youtube and make some friends. get over yourselves probably mad fat wanking all day on the internet like! JACK CRAIG THIS VIDEO? IS RAPPPPIIIHHHH

  • Blend424 says:

    Adidas can sue? you for using their logo in the short film without permission.
    Your have to think on stuffs like that.

    Otherwize good job.

  • Freerunningpimp says:

    yeah, umm andrea, I’m guessing from you username, I’m only 17 and yeah, we? think we know everything, again I’m sorry and good luck

  • andreamyosis says:

    It’s ok I forgive you… Myosis not Miosis ( you can see my pseudo) and I’m a 20? years old women (just for information xD ) . Thank for your wish: it’s means alot to me =) Peace

  • Freerunningpimp says:

    hey sorry man, misunderstanding, good luck with rehab and yeah I knew about the constriction of the pupil, it’s called Miosis or something? yeah?

  • andreamyosis says:

    Hey I didn’t say that the video is crape… just faild because I’m a drug? addict and I know exacly how to shoot up…I’m going to rehab on the 15th June FINALY!!!! Anyway I hope you die too of cancer or other disease evan though I don’t realy want to mean it but I wish you back… With heroin: the pupil get thinner not wider. I’ve lost too many friends because of it and I don’t want to be the next. Anyway, you better stop wishing to people bad stuff because you’ll get it back.

  • Freerunningpimp says:

    I hope you? die of cancer

  • Freerunningpimp says:

    This is amazing man,? good job

  • lwill85 says:

    NIce work? man!

  • chicasfj says:

    it is just? marihuana, not big deal

  • andreamyosis says:

    just to let you know:? Using heroine makes your pupil myosis….(google it to see the defination), Secondly you can die suddently if you don’t use cotton to suck it up into the sering…

    Advise: When you do a film like that, you must know 100% what and how to do drugs… Faild film

  • bigpronger says:

    This is a crap? video . Videos like Ben a diary of heroin addict they are very interesting and informative

  • JackCraig1988 says:

    @guitarhawk777 Work away man id like to see the project u shud try put it up on this? if its in video form!

  • MrVirous30 says:

    where the? hell do kids find this stuff.

  • GuitarHawk777 says:

    Hey dude great film I’m doing a project and I wanted to use this short film for it and I just wanted to make sure your ok with it. I’m not using it as? mine though we’re using a collection of drug videos put together to make a panoramic video of drug films.

  • Goatboy44spl says:

    Its? a good film

  • LiliScarlett8 says:

    : really ? You haven’t seen many, I guess. I’m not saying this is bad, but it does not really show the reality of heroin addiction.? Nice try, though, guys !

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