When There Is No One to Talk To,About a Problem,What Would You Guys Do:::?????

Question by Charmed: When there is no one to talk to,about a problem,what would you guys do:::?????

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Answer by LT
pour my heart out in a journal

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9 Responses to When There Is No One to Talk To,About a Problem,What Would You Guys Do:::?????

  • curiously curly says:

    drink or bottle it up…not exactly the healthy solution but i think is the most common

  • xox88 says:

    i usally think about it in my fav place to be ex. my room or something. or i cud right it down. it makes me feel beta or do something fun i like and tak my mind of it

  • productive says:

    Actually guys dont talk about their problem, because when men have a problem or deeply thinking about somthing they tend to sit alone or go to their caves. While women tend to talk if they feel somthing is bothering them. As such habit are part of our human nature. sceintifically proven. Hope i gave u a good answer

  • GAYS R' US says:

    Sort it out on my own, life’s a b!tch now so am I!!!

  • Shobha says:

    If there’s no one to talk to, my friends wouldnt be real friends. I’d probably find a consellor if its something that bothers me alot or else I’d write in a journal. Writing is a way of expressing yourself. It could be anger or bitterness or heartbreak & so on. It really does help 🙂

    It’s good to get it off your chest. Makes u feel so much better. Like a heavy load lifted off 🙂

  • I Love You says:

    Confide in someone you know and trust; a friend,family member or even a rabbi/priest/holy man-woman.

  • jusme says:

    Sometimes come on to Y answers. Sometimes write it out, then erase it. It helps. Because if it’s something that would be disastrous if it got out, it’s better not to tell anyone at all. There’s always a chance it could come back on you. On Y answers one is anonymous so it’s safer.

  • HeismaN says:

    Have you tried prayer. Matthew 21:21-22……Luke 18:27…..James 4:2…..Romans 8:28…..Hebrews 4:15…..Psalms 44:21…..Matthew 6:8…..Pslams 66:18…..Pslams 55:22….Philippians 4:19…..John 15:16…..Daniel 2:28…..Matthew 17:20-21…..Hebrews 6:18…..I know that looks like a lot but I know it will help.

  • Lizzy-tish says:

    I go read good books with wisdom, like the bible or books by his Holiness the Dali Lama.

    I think about the advice my parents would have given me.

    I review any life experience I’ve had with a similar sort of situation and what I did to remediate it .

    Then I meditate or pray for guidance.

    An idea or some words of wisdom come and usually help me solve my problem.

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