What Does the Quote “the Catipllar Cannoot Undertand the Butterfly” Mean?

Question by SpYdR: what does the quote “the catipllar cannoot undertand the butterfly” mean?
im doing a speech on drugs and poverty and i found that and it hink it has something to do wtih it

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Answer by DanceforLife
The catipillar:The poor
The butterfly: The rich

and the poor don’t understand the rich.

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3 Responses to What Does the Quote “the Catipllar Cannoot Undertand the Butterfly” Mean?

  • Takeawalk says:

    The catifpillar crawls the butterfly flies…It’s like saying a person who just is satisfied with doing the same ol’, same ol’ every day will never understand the person who has a sense of adventure.

    It has also been used as a metaphor for the new person you become when you (as the Bible says) become a new creation by accepting Jesus Christ. The people who never accept him, never really understand what it’s like to have a new life….a changed life…no longer be a catipillar.

  • Miss Ladybug says:

    Another quote is “How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” by Trina Paulus.

    Basically the metamorphosis or a caterpillar into a butterfly is about transformation. You could say one must pull themselves out of poverty and avoid drugs in order to metamorphosis into a butterfly or a contributing and successful person in society.

  • Reagan M says:

    Someone who is on drugs cannot understand what life is like for those who have overcome their addiction. They have to undergo the metamorphosis–that is, they have to win the struggle against drugs–in order to be free and fly.

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