What About Heroin !? What Does It Look Like or What Are the Signs of Drug Abuse.-Look and Learn


What about Heroin !? What Does it Look like or what are the Signs of Drug Abuse.-Look and Learn – Video with Photos of Heroin Lifestyle. Shows you Symptoms of Heroin usage via IV. Samples of Actual Heroin Bags, Shooting Gallery Photos, Helpful Links for Addiction, Informative Compilation of Photos Featured with Godsmacks Infamous Song Voo-Doo If you Think You know or Know Someone Who May or Is Using, Take a Look at My Obvious Pointers in Here.


Prescription Drug Abuse: A Healthy Kids Series

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Too often, parents are clueless when it comes to the prescription-drug abuse epidemic among high school and even middle school teens– missing early warning signs and fumbling opportunities to educate themselves and protect their kids. During October …
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21 Responses to What About Heroin !? What Does It Look Like or What Are the Signs of Drug Abuse.-Look and Learn

  • patrisco53 says:

    the song…it’s about heroin. hence the? words “when i feel the snake bite enter my veins”

  • GenericFurfag says:

    I’ll bet any money you’ve? never even seen it.

  • SNooS1x says:

    WTF? MEN 1:03

  • SNooS1x says:

    WTF MEN 1:03?

  • cara madra says:

    I feell? sorry for them all. There must be a better way to help.

  • cara madra says:

    So sad.?

  • emienmwannabe says:

    2:05 -2:36 ….. what thee fuck do snakes have to? do with heroin???

  • Lonnie Luvv says:

    is heroine? made from snake venom?

  • Lisa Steele says:

    I would like to use this video? as part of a training I am doing for my staff that work with clients with Severe Mental Illness and Substance Abuse. Do I have your permission to use this for that purpose? Please advise.

  • captainhowdy15 says:

    i fuckin love? heroin!!! yeahhhh =D

  • xCrUpTeDxXxScOpEzZx says:

    i use to be a heroine addict, ive tryed cocaine, meth, DMT, just? about any drug and i can tell you heroine is the deadliest and most addictive, it will rule your life after 1 use

  • XxsheepxX100 says:

    MAC22! FTW?

  • 00SIvlE00 says:

    Yea that’s fine. You flying? off the handle over nothing isn’t

  • 08sparky08 says:

    im 16 actually and? i don’t need to corrected i hit the extra button by accident is that ok?

  • 00SIvlE00 says:

    23 yrs old (according to what your channel info said anyway) and can’t even handle being corrected.? That’s sad


    Hahaha omg i tryed it ONCE and now my arm is fucked up a vein in? my shoulder goes nuts like everyday so yeah don’t touch that shit XD well i guess i should smoke a blunt now….

  • 08sparky08 says:

    ohh my god oh shit im soooooo sorry i put an extra b? in “robs” weed is actually a medicine as it helps bad eye sight and chronic back pain learn your shit dude 😀

  • wannaknowit says:

    1:33 that woman is a crystal meth addict, not a heroin addict! Get your facts straight before posting things(pics) which are not true. Heroin will not make you look that old in month or after a few years’ use. But meth will. Anyway, that woman is in the police? records for abusing crystal meth.

  • 00SIvlE00 says:

    Stick? to books genius as robs has one B not two. Not to mention that telling “assholes” to “stick to weed” makes you’re punctuation terrible

  • TheLeggoo says:

    my girlfriend did this once in her life.? eversince she started wanting to do it but i told her not to .

  • TheToecutter79 says:

    yeah, its jst after spiking h, nothing else stands next to it, unless the? supplier is shit though, i used to have about 3 differnt places to go, but they got busted, I know it’s stupid to be lusting for it after i’ve gone through the withdrawls n shit, but whatever, guess i cant stay away from the darkside of society, i do whatever opiates i cld get i guess, i tried to buy some oc a week ago, got ripped off

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