Teens Share Their Drug Abuse Stories


Teens share their drug abuse stories


Nyanza Community Policing to Be Used for Drug Abuse Eradication

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Nyanza — After drug abuse has highlighted to be the cause of death among all, a program to engage residents in crime reporting has been started in Nyanza district. The goal of engaging residents (being a watchman to your fellow resident) is to bring …
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Former champs admit drug abuse

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In a wide-ranging interview, Mexican-American Oscar De La Hoya and Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez said during the premiere of ESPN Deportes' new talk show "El Bar" (9 p.m. Friday ET on ESPN Deportes U.S.) that alcohol and drug abuse was …
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Senator conducts panel on prescription drug abuse among teens

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A West Virginia Senator pushed for more action in prescription drug abuse among students in the state after a roundtable discussion with leading experts and teens at Wheeling Park High School Saturday afternoon. Law enforcement officials and educators …
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RT @PublicHealth: From ASTHO meeting: States struggle with prescription drug abuse, overdose epidemic: http://t.co/yjx6MoqG #PHNewswire … – by OccHealthSafety (OccHealthSafety)


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RT @Geoffsabtchange: Attorney general kicks off prescription drug abuse awareness programs http://t.co/sKIJNe1e – by KimRipleyHartt (Kim Ripley Hartt)


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Attorney general kicks off prescription drug abuse awareness programs http://t.co/sKIJNe1e – by Geoffsabtchange (GeoffHenderson)


15 Responses to Teens Share Their Drug Abuse Stories

  • elad jasper says:

    marijuana is gateway drug to the? fridge.

  • withloveagain says:

    I’m so happy you found God? and turned your life around.

  • rozz2656 says:

    ikr the kids who actually smoke at my school alot of them know their shit? even the cholos, even though they still spread meth and heroin but still haha even alcohol is okay in moderation

  • SoberNostalgia says:

    Kids these days act? as if weed IS a hardcore drug, yes, it’s illegal. But compared to alcohol, it’s nothing and THAT’S legal.
    I’ve never been high enough to walk into a liquor store and want to rob it. I’d be asleep at home.
    Cops would be out of a job if there was no such thing as a DUI anymore. They’re just waiting to catch people.

  • rozz2656 says:

    they always do that and if you are christian like me theyll say you cannot believe and be saved by jesus if you smoke, and youll be happier withohut it, even though i havent smoked for almost a year for legal reasons and i believe in jesus, my life sucks like? hell right now.

  • rozz2656 says:

    IKR its funny i rememebr being drunk once and thinking hmmm wonder what? itd be like to get high, and i remember buying X since i couldnt find a weed dealer(weird i know) but ive never said let me do heroin when i was stoned

  • SoberNostalgia says:

    weed left him to do meth? I’m impressed, actually.
    These? days people only go as far as weed & alcohol.

  • Fishdogpigsquirrel says:

    What the fuck are you? talking about?

  • Peter Deltoro says:

    Im 16 and ive? tried marijuana this year im on the weekend part im hoping my story will go better than this guy just hoping….

  • totokickbutt says:

    OF*** ?

  • totokickbutt says:

    i abused or marijuana may be a soft drug but still can make u go? nuts no mather wut lolz

  • Ripulse says:

    The moral of the story is to don’t let marijuana? control you.

  • Vince Ricci says:

    Keep thinking? that.

  • Jahad Davis says:

    im 17 and ive been smooking weed since i was 13 and have fins who pop bills drink and smoke cigs and all i do iz? weed its called say im not pop drinking or smooking that will power

  • champignons0magiques says:

    comment section and this video? are pure disinformation

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