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Who’s Know About Drug Addiction?

Question by A. Carlos: who’s know about drug addiction?
Answer here what you know about drug addiction, your history or any you know about drug abuse, drug addiction treatment, drug treatment, drug addiction rehab, drug rehab.

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Answer by *vortex*
Drug addiction like all addiction excites the opioid center of your brain. This cause the release of endorphines and allowing a continuous sense of happiness until the drug wears off. Then your body craves more and more. The more you try to feed the addiction the harder it is to stop because the body become more tolerant each time you use it. So in order to reach the initial high you felt when you first started using, you have to use more drugs. This self-destructive cycle is what leads to overdosing and death. This cycle also applies to other addictions like food or dare devil stunts.
Drug rehab can be effective even if the patient is forced to attend.

Answer by Pankaj
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