Survey: 17% of High Schoolers Drink, Smoke, Use Drugs During School Day

Survey: 17% of high schoolers drink, smoke, use drugs during school day

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The survey suggests there's been a big jump in drug use in private schools. In 2011, 36% of private school students said their school was “drug-infected.” But in the past year, that figure jumped to 54%. It was the first time in the history of the …
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Driver Aaron Fike reinstated; heroin use spurred NASCAR's drug-testing policy

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Driver Aaron Fike was reinstated Tuesday by NASCAR, five years after he was arrested on heroin charges. It was Fike's admission of using heroin on the days he raced that brought into question NASCAR's previous suspicion-based drug-testing policy.


Yale study: Marijuana may really be gateway drug

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The Yale study, which appears online in the Journal of Adolescent Health, showed that alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana were associated with an increased likelihood of prescription drug abuse in men 18 to 25. In women of that age, only marijuana use …
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Fall River's synthetic drug ordinance gets a push as gov. signs anti

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The state law includes only an updated list of chemicals commonly used to get high from bath salts, focusing primarily on diverting prescription drugs that can cause drug abuse and addiction, Patrick noted. The federal legislation passed in July …
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The Faces of Drug Addiction – No one is immune to the evils of drug addiction, whether it’s a friend, a family member, or a neighbor. In this story we introduce you to two young men who you would never think would be recovering drug addicts, and it all started with the over-the-counter pain killers. To learn more about Addiction Recovery please go to To learn more about the Le Mont Michel recovery home or to schedule a tour call 801-733-4472


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Drug addiction help:call now to get rescued from addiction and drugs: 561-907-4442 – by DBoogonie (Freedom Now)


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Just got the weirdest/funniest post on my blog! Apparently my blog promotes drug addiction? Your thoughts? #bbloggers – by joelle_o (Joelle)


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a few of these episodes have been about drugs… drug dealing, drug addiction, first time drug use… just like my future cartoon – by CasinoDojo (????)


22 Responses to Survey: 17% of High Schoolers Drink, Smoke, Use Drugs During School Day

  • EndoSmoke16 says:

    Pillz? are good

  • ThePoisonCloud says:

    For example, I started smoking a few years back. (Sure it’s not meth or anything like that but it? proves my point here) I don’t blame any ads or society or anything else other than myself when I made a bad decision to start smoking and I carry full responsibility for my actions. I also might have to face some serious consequenses like lung cancer or heart failure because I made the choise and got addicted. Now that’s my fucking fault and no one should feel sorry for me. Now do you get my point?

  • ThePoisonCloud says:

    haha i always get to argue on youtube about some bs. I mean sure you can help these people and bring something good into their lives, nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying that all drug addicts should take responsibility for their actions and stop playing the “victim card”. I heard some celebrity talking about his drug addiction on tv? and he was talking like his own choises that led to this addiction were actually some sorta disease and that he had no control over what had happened. Total bs.

  • nikoE30 says:

    We shouldn’t feel sorry for someone who has taken drugs? Your? wrong, we should feel sorry and feel the need to help them for they have made a mistake, we are all humans we are here to learn, let’s not be selfish and help each other, this is exactly whats wrong with mankind right now, we are selfish, we are “too good” so, they made a mistake? too bad, it was their choice, i m living the good life. thats wrong and sad

  • TheFrigginAwesome says:


  • Sophia Marsden says:

    I am a total nerd, by the time I? got a chance to try the drugs I found interesting I’d not only spent years reading about them but also had taken a years worth of chemistry and pharmacology at university (I dropped out due to being socially anxious, not talking to anyone and in a state of isolation deciding that all the little sensations you normally never notice in your body were demonic forces trying to control me- that was before drugs!) I think most people into drugs enjoy researching them.

  • Sophia Marsden says:

    That’s a fairly oversimplified view of the realities. I’ve taken heroin. It has not had an adverse effect on me at all. If I were to stop now I would never experience any negative effects from having taking heroin. Of course it’s? my responsibility but I am not “tarded” I do not have an IQ below 70. I live a normal life same as anyone else.

  • ThePoisonCloud says:

    I just think that we shouldn’t feel sorry for someone who has maken a clear voluntary choice and started consuming hard drugs like? meth. The word “tarded” applies to people who haven’t done any research about the drugs that they’re taking. Not listening to at least some facts and without taking some time to think bout what your doing n’ just jumping head on to snort some shit sounds kinda stupid to me 🙂

  • ThePoisonCloud says:

    Drugs can cause severe permanent negative effects and diseases like HIV, psychosis, instant death due to OD etc. or even cause the consumer to loose control of his behaviour and bite some homeless guy’s head off (go check that one out). We don’t necessarily have to blindly follow everything that has been told to us in this society, but you have to understand that it is YOUR responsibility? when you do obviously stupid things like meth or heroin.

  • docteryadonater says:

    I am from utah! I thought this? was funny. 🙂

  • Jim Surgenor says:

    One is too many and a thousand is never enough. To hear? other peoples strength hope and experiance encourages me today and thank God I did not use today

  • Sophia Marsden says:

    Some people just need to find things out for themselves, doesn’t make them “tarded” just means they tend not to listen to what other people tell them, we (society) need people like that, just as much as we need people? who believe what they are told and obey social conventions, because sometimes the conventional narrative is wrong and without those who have to test stuff out for themselves we’d never learn which is which.

  • greendragonmaster420 says:


  • timotrioz says:

    only heavy experiences. Had to accept that6 part of my life without beating myself for things i did. Peace.

  • MrStineGirl says:

    It depents on what drug you are? addicted to..!

  • TheOioink says:

    Out of those? 20 years I bet you can only remember a tiny few actual good times. 🙂

  • eltellowixitero says:

    ok noobs,? im smoking hash right now

  • VitalSigns1 says:

    I’m a drug addict and I couldn’t? be happier

  • mystro810 says:

    proof that drugs arent a life sentence if you have family that comes from $… Its a different story? for people that have no $ to fall back on

  • ThePoisonCloud says:

    i hope the drug addicts here don’t assume we should feel sorry for? them.. it’s their own goddamn fault if they get addicted to shit like that and they also know what was gonna happen to ’em. lol some people are just fucking tarded like these guys over here

  • djk28161 says:

    Brain dead blonde? bimbo

  • djk28161 says:

    both fuckin spoiled? little rich assholes

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