Suburban Heroin User Tells How He Got Sucked In, How He Got Out

Suburban heroin user tells how he got sucked in, how he got out

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The study — titled “Heroin Usage in National and Illinois Perspectives” — found that heroin-related treatment in Illinois emergency rooms jumped 27 percent for people age 20 or younger between 2008 and 2010. It also showed that the Chicago …
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Acadia Healthcare Buys Timberline Knolls for M

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It was founded in 2005 by a team of psychiatrists, psychologists and clinicians as a residential treatment center for women dealing with trauma, eating disorders and drug addiction. The center currently … The facility is Acadia's first in Illinois …


Though some still struggle, local bath salts problem helped by year-old ban

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It sent her running to rehab at the center where she now has about four months drug-free. "I want my children back," she said. "I want … One establishment in Southern Illinois in particular, Glaser said, remains problematic. The Missouri residents …
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