Stroke Cures Man's Addiction

Stroke cures man's addiction

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Montreal researchers are reporting on the curious case of a Quebec man apparently cured of a cocaine addiction following a stroke. Although it's based on a single case report, the finding could set the foundation for more research into whether it's …
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Good Porn, Bad Porn

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Good Porn, Bad Porn. By Linda Hatch, PhD. Is there good porn? Take a look at this statement from an article called The Impact of Internet Pornography on Adolescents: A Review of the Research. “Increased access to the … So the scientists can prove …
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Treating Equine Canker with Topical Cisplatin Chemotherapy

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Canker, a destructive inflammatory disease of the hoof that generally originates in the frog, has always frustrated treating veterinarians. Typical treatments include superficial debridement, topical therapies such as the antimicrobial drug …


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