Religiously,How Do YOU Feel on the Mentally Ill?

Question by Ethan: Religiously,how do YOU feel on the mentally ill?
Causes,people themselves,exc….

How do you feel on them,religiously.

Best answer:

Answer by God is my Salvation
they need help

What do you think? Answer below!


Psychology, Judaism and Charlie Brown: The Layers of Abraham Twerski

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NAVARRE, FL, Oct 22, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Twelve Oaks Recovery Center, a premier provider of addiction treatment services located in Navarre, Fla., has announced the opening of three new, free Assessment and Resource Centers ("ARCs") … One …
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10 Responses to Religiously,How Do YOU Feel on the Mentally Ill?

  • BennyP says:

    All religious people are mentally ill.

  • Kakos™ says:

    They think mentally ill people are possessed by demons.

    I think they need psychiatric help.

  • Mir Quasem says:

    Quite easy; It depends upon the person who deals with it.

  • Michael says:

    You want to feel on mentally ill people? I’d call that a dereliction of your duty of care if you were a doctor.

    Or maybe you just like groping mad people!

  • dreamofdjinni says:

    I just discovered today, that I am mentally ill. It is a great shock to realize I had been crazy and not known it.

  • C Alliss says:

    They are not possessed by demons anymore…

  • Anonnie Mouse says:

    I don’t feel on them. That would just make the paranoia worse.

  • Chantal G says:

    I don’t feel it’s polite to touch people I don’t know.

  • Oh my COD! says:

    they need rehabilitation

  • Marcia says:

    They are tormented a great deal and it is a shame that people don’t understand them better. They go to psychiatrists but these people cannot or will not cast out demons, and this is one of their major problems, the evil spirits. They need to go to a deliverance center (Pentecostal) where they cast them out and then you get filled with the Holy Spirit. This is deliverance that is lasting.

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