Rapid Detox Patient Testimony – Drug Addiction Treatment – Opiate Detox Success


Rapid Detox Patient Testimony – Drug Addiction Treatment – Opiate Detox Success – floridadetox.com – Ashlin, 25 year old musician – Amazing testimonial of rapid drug detox from heroin, oxycontin, xanax, alcohol, cocaine – Multiple failed treatments at prestigous treatment centers nationwide – Finally Drug Free – Craving Free – a life restored! “I awoke from this program feeling AMAZING!…I have a second chance at life thanks to Dr. Sponaugle and Florida Detox!”


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Drug Addiction & Treatment: The #Toronto Psychosomatic Clinic #Gisel #ACO-1 #AwesomeTeam F990AEFD – http://t.co/bgSOpvuy – by GiseldelAmico (Gisel del Amico)


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Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Part 4: Learn Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress http://t.co/BQilzzYD – by daratomi (sami)


7 Responses to Rapid Detox Patient Testimony – Drug Addiction Treatment – Opiate Detox Success

  • Valerie Araujo says:

    Many thanks pertaining? to sharing people about this up-date. I do hope you won’t get worn out on producing videos since informative simply because this.

  • ljude01 says:

    If one does choose rapid detox program it should be performed in an ICU setting so the patient can be monitored closely. Ask what medications are? used during the procedure. Suboxone is a dangerous and addictive drug and should be no part of a continuing aftercare treatment plan.

  • ljude01 says:

    Rapid detox does work. It gets the opiates out of ones system usually quickly and most times under the proper circumstances safely. The main problem with the florifa detox program which is not? widely known is that this particular treatment center offers a post drug regimin of either naltrexone OR suboxone which is part opiate AND part opiate antagonist. A person choosing rapid detox with Florida detox risk being detoxed from opiates and being put back onopiates if the patient chooses suboxone

  • ljude01 says:

    The reason why cravings are an issue is because any kind of addiction is an automatic coping mechanism to get ones self out of feeling helpless. Craving? is emeshed in the conflicts inside us, fueled by anger, an automatic unconscious decision is made in the mind to pick up the addictive behavior once more and the cycle of addiction begins again. Therapy works, 12 step programs may work but the first step is to detox from the addictive substances.

  • m1dlifecrisis says:

    @itchyundies? This true,crqavings can last from anywhere to a week too forever.
    But as far as dependancy/withdrawl to the opiates goes,the naltrexone removes that.
    It IS successful BUT afterwords it is up to the person and his will power.

  • ender3711 says:

    For anyone seeking actual help … not the bullshit you find in court or in “legitimate” rehab centers (they’re all jokes) Here’s some real info that will really help you.
    Addiction IS NOT a disease, it is a symptom of a larger socio-economic problem. Legalization is THE ONLY WAY to tackle addiction as a whole. You CAN heal? addiction and leave it in the dust for good, HouseOfWakingSpirits will show you how – it’s free information for the good of everyone.

  • Usmcspartan420 says:

    by the way I dont shoot it but I would if I could get H. Anyway… this program is a sureshot way to quit! It will work. It is? obviously a very effective program and its good to be. ty floridadetox, i’m sure you have done someone some good… if not to remind me to attain my will and power to abstain. These norcos r just keepin me in the net of poison… i need something stronger so bad it’s crazy, but heroin is too unconsistant and to hard hitting and too damaging.Good for that

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