Professional Addiction the First Step Is Admitting the Problem

Professional addiction the first step is admitting the problem

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Your view, acceptance, and treatment of people that are experiencing drug addiction will contribute to recovery in your community. Health-care professionals pose a … The CAGE Questions were developed to help everyone be able to see if they are …
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Can pro-anorexia websites help heal some eating disorders?

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"They were going online first of all to find support," Yeshua-Katz explains, noting that having an eating disorder is a very isolating experience. As with drug addiction, people with anorexia typically cannot discuss their condition or their feelings …
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Norwood police publish plan to combat heroin, prescription drug abuse

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Through its website and social media sites, the Norwood police hope to exchange information with the public about everything from drug strategy to options for treatment. The website has pages of information for landlords, residents who need to dispose …


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