Overtaken Documentary (Edited) [Original Version]


Overtaken Documentary (Edited) [Original Version] – Jodi Barber and Christine Brant have teamed up with Ashley Media to produce a documentary about the ongoing prescription pill epidemic in Orange County. Please visit onechoicecandestroy.com to learn more about Jodi and Christine’s fight against this crisis, and take a second to share this with your friends and family. Please also check out previous videos of Jodi’s, such as Mark Melkonian’s Tree Dedication and the 2011 Aliso Niguel Drug Assembly. Edited to preserve the identities of a few individuals included in the original film by Kaard Bombe.


JK CM describes drug abuse worst enemy of society

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Sumbal(Bandipore),November14(Scoop News)- Describing drug-abuse as worst enemy of the civilization and dangerous than militancy, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Wednesday appealed all sections of the society to work together to save children from …
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Health report viewed as 'wake-up call' on heroin use

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The report from the Massachusetts Health Council Inc., a private advocacy group promoting government action on prevention of obesity, asthma, substance abuse and tobacco use, cited federal statistics showing the Boston region had the most emergency …
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Should hospitals take a more agressive role in fighting prescription drug abuse? http://t.co/DTamytDs – by heysaturday (Saturday )


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Our black folk don’t get hired, than our black communities fall. Poverty, drug abuse, stress. – by LeifChiefs (no milk.mad juice)


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Drug Abuse: Haunting Before & After Portraits by Roman Sakovich http://t.co/e1ImQjfH – by kbernock (Ken Bernock)


11 Responses to Overtaken Documentary (Edited) [Original Version]

  • Left4SideLife10 says:

    damn i was in rehab with that dude in? the video his name is cliff i did opiates for 5years then got on suboxone for 1 and a half combining it with benzos and then became dependent on both those man i swear drugs are bad kids they r not cool its not a cliche do well in life drugs only make you feel better for the time being things get much worse jail institutions death real talk peace out good luck to anyone in recovery

  • rsohlich1 says:

    And by the way pot is NOT a gateway drug. Its up to you. Alcohol maybe, but not pot. If anything, it? just makes you more aware of things.

  • rsohlich1 says:

    Drugs like opiates (painkillers) like heroin, oxys, methadone, vicodin, percs, and others should be RESPECTED. These aren’t things? you just do to have fun. Eventually the use leads into a NEED. Also, be careful with benzos like Xanax and Klonopin because they are so hard to come off. Please be careful.

  • xJosh5 says:

    HHS for? life!!!!

  • Tim ewejin says:

    The information regarding Cannabis on this documentary is false, it? has been proven false by every reasonable study that hasnt had funding by big pharmaceutical interests.

  • Tim ewejin says:

    Marijuana is not a gateway drug , idiocy is the gateway take fucking responsibility for your actions.?

  • becij13 says:

    great movin documentary, i totally agree people should avoid hard drugs but i have to disagree 100% on cannabis bein the gateway drug. only 1 in every 140 cannabis smokers go? onto harder drugs. ive smoked cannabis for 16 yrs &dont do or have ever done any other drug, includin alcohol. also a sibling of mine spent 17yrs wasted on a heroin addiction who used cannabis to go cold turkey &now theyre totally clean of all drugs today, 5 yrs on!

    well done to you all & good luck in the future.

  • zz941 says:

    I’ve brought my classmates to one presentation and my family to the next one and? I want to “Thank You” once again. Please keep sharing……………

  • M3talfingers says:

    RIP my friends? 🙁

  • NorthRidgeProduction says:

    This is important. I just wish parents would speak out and take some responsibility here. Where are the parents?? These kids are starting out while they are living at home and I wonder why the parents aren’t taking some responsibility here?

  • BlakeBeilby says:

    i miss these kids?

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