National Voice on Drug Abuse Research Leaving Her State Post

National voice on drug abuse research leaving her state post

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Her depth of knowledge and ability to explain trends in drug abuse has made her a favorite of the national news media, leading to appearances on NBC-TV's "The Today Show," CNN, National Public Radio and Fox News, as well as articles in the New York …
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Massive drug recovery convention in sixth year

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Recovering drug addicts across South Florida are marking Sept. 23 on their calendars, the date of an offbeat convention little known outside the rehab community. It's an industry gathering that has attracted more people each of the last five years. In …
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Prescription Drug Addiction: Rise Endangers Celebrities, Teens, and Us

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Would it surprise you to learn that prescription drug overdoses now kill more people than car accidents? Somehow that message doesn't seem to be getting out, says the CDC, which now calls prescription drug abuse an epidemic. Over the past 20 years, the …
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