I Definitely Do Not Qualify for a Security Clearance. if I Joined the Military, What “cool” Stuff Can I Do?

Question by burnside 2020: I definitely do not qualify for a security clearance. If I joined the military, what “cool” stuff can I do?
I have way too many disqualifying factors to even get considered for a secret clearance and above:

In the last seven years,
– I smoked marjuana over 2000 times in my life.
– I’ve done ecstacy about 30 times.
– I’ve done LSD about 6 times and magic mushrooms about 8 times.
– I’ve done cocaine one time and meth about 5 times.
– I’ve pretty much abused every single drug (except heroin) but I’ve been clean for over a year now.

– I got arrested for minor in possession of alcohol and completed “treatment”, which is what they called it.
– I got away with two DUIs (never charged)
– All my friends are junkies (except for me)
– I have bipolar disorder and/or borderline personality disorder.

The good news is:
– I have a bachelors degree in aerospace engineering. I currently work on launch vehicles for the air force thru a medium sized defense contractor.
Lets say one day I decide I want to serve in the military but use my skills/qualifications. I will likely get denied an interim and final clearance due to my shady past… even if I admit it… they will view me as a psycho… therefore I cannot be an officer. What else can I do? I don’t just want to enlist.
And yes… the company I work at has engrained in our minds that if you have a security clearance, you will get to work on “cooler” stuff such as the classified payload, etc. This is actually very true. I find my job very boring because I don’t have a clearance.
I’ve never applied for a clearance either. I just know what the process is like because 1/3 of my co-workers have at minimum a secret clearance.
Also, I have had rough relationships in the past and medical records that could indicate something bad…

My ex-gf stabbed me with a kitchen knife when we were drunk.. I had to call an ambulance.

I got my wife, whom Ive been married to for a year now, arrested for domestic violence. This might reflect badly on me. oh boy, I am pretty much screwed. I would like to join the military someday.
konstipashen, you are a f*ckwad. I busted my @$ $ off in college and I want to serve my country one day.

I bet I could kick your @$ $ with one haymaker.
I am 24 yrs old.

Best answer:

Answer by ilovemrkite
yaa i wouldnt tell them you did all those drugs o___o

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6 Responses to I Definitely Do Not Qualify for a Security Clearance. if I Joined the Military, What “cool” Stuff Can I Do?

  • Teachmepme says:

    Based upon your description (and assuming it is all true) you do not qualify for entrance into the USAF. I am not an expert on entry qualifications for other branches of the armed forces, but strongly suspect your medical and past drug use would disqualify you from all uniformed service.

    Only a recruiter could give you a definitive answer.


  • Phillipine Princess says:

    The cool thing to do is develop some brotherhood love first and then start a family that can do pixelated enhancements until we create the perfect world that insults us daily that finally ended their laughter.

  • Eric P says:

    Don’t tell them about your drug use, they won’t know if you have never been charged with anything, but the bipolar thing might disqualify from even joining so you might want to talk to a recruiter.

  • jim says:

    Congratulations on getting your life together. Whether you realize it or not, by working with the AF as a contractor you are serving your country.
    Well, based on your past, it’s unlikely you’ll be an officer. Being denied a clearance means that you’ve been investigated and determined to be untrustworthy. Also, diagnosed bipolar disorder is an automatic disqualifier for either enlisted or officer regardless of service.

  • michelle n says:

    Its not like you have to do a hair test done to see what kinda drug use you have had…….HINT HINT……other then that the bipolar thing MAY hinder you from enlisting talk to a recruiter, there are all kinds of waivers. Other then that if you where on the receiving end of the domestic violence stuff, you shouldnt have any issues with it. There are alot of DOD jobs that you can work closer to the service in….check out USA jobs .com or just go ahead and try for the clearence the worst they can say is no….

  • bud says:

    Whats your discipline in Engineering?
    Their are many jobs in that classification. You may have to work for a job shop( head hunter) where you do not always need a government Clarence. Stay away from the military, they really can’t use you. Use your talents, that are left, to do a great job, save your money for your retirement. Stay single and don’t have any kids. Those drugs are in your body, don’t trandfer them!

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