How Do You Think the ATP/WTA Can Straighten Out This Whole “Substance Abuse” Ordeal?

Question by ?exicanha‡dancer: How do you think the ATP/WTA can straighten out this whole “substance abuse” ordeal?
Clearly this past year we have seen tremendous ammounts of incidents from Gasquet’s Kiss of Death to Agassi’s revelation. And now players are being unjustly punished for “suspicious” behaviours? Its like arresting someone cus they have one shoe on instead of two.
Well i compare Gasquet’s case to something like second-hand smoking. Your not doing it but still getting it in your system

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Answer by James Blake For President!
Okay, the thing is Gasquet deserved the suspension he got, he made out with scum..Agassi lied, ATP was gulliable. The thing that pisses me off is that Wickmayer is out for a YEAR because of some sheet she didn’t fill out! She didn’t even know she had too! So maybe they should TELL the players what they need to do, and hopefully Wickmayer’s appeal works..This crap could ruin her career!

Edit: Thanks Federer Fan! I hope this whole situation with Wickmayer can be resolved, I mean if she wasn’t at home, how could she fill it out? I hope she gets to come back, she has so much potential!

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  • global trotter says:

    Now WADA-ITF is cleaning up their big mess by punishing little shrimps as sacrificial lambs on the table so that everyone can see they are just. WTA doesn’t believe Wickmayers deserves a harsh suspension. Not sure where ATP stands for Gasquet. I haven’t heard any comment made by ATP. Agassi’s OPEN time table is clearly disadvantageous to these 3 players who aren’t a hard core tennis criminals ? They are just misdemeaners, small fish just got caught in their fishnet and couldn’t escape from the net because they are powerless. The BIG ones cleverly jumped out of it, so to speak.

    Come on WADA-ITF, wake up and be more sensitive about your verdict.

    Edit : I’m reading OPEN right now to come up with my own conclusion, but with my school work it might take sometime to finish the book.

  • Sp!ffy. says:

    I really doubt it was as simple as Wickmayer denying to fill out a “sheet” on THREE separate occasions. If some of the most famous tennis players in the world can do it, who have much busier schedules than Wickmayer (ahem Serena, Venus, Maria, Roger, Rafa, etc.) than she can do it..

    It is a bit suspicious actually.

    I think to solve this problem is to test them each time they enter a tournament, one in the middle, and one in the end. Who cares what the players do after that, if they take performance enhancing drugs they will be caught before the tournament..if they take recreational drugs they are only ruining their own lives and will be caught anyway. So only during tournaments I believe….

    And also a 0% policy on excuses. Like “kissing”.

  • Federer Fan (15 Majors) THE GOAT says:

    Actually that isn’t what happened with Wickmayer. Let me tell the real story. So the rules that require you to notify officials of where you will be for an hour once a week only apply to the top 50. Wickmayer was not in the top 50 at the beginning of the year and normally the rules wouldn’t apply to her until the following year.

    However the WTA changed that rule so that anyone who entered the top 50 had to start letting officials know where they were going to be. All of this is done online on a secure website, so WTA officials sent Wickmayer a letter to her home explaining how to use the website and what her password was. The only problem was that Wickmayer was not at home, she was out of the country playing tennis tournaments…One thing led to another and her password got reset and then lost or so the story goes and by the time she realized that she had to find a new password and all of that sort of crap it was too late. She had already missed 3 reports.

    Most people don’t realize that she had been reporting her whereabouts correctly for the last few months. But the officials followed her up from early on when she missed the times. People should also remember the language barrier she probably encountered, as english is not her first language.

    She didn’t miss a drug test nor did she fail one, all she did was be the victim of bad circumstances. She is going to appeal and I am confident that her sentence will be reduced if not overturned.

    I hope this explains that whole ordeal. Oh and to answer your question I think that the ATP/WTA should continue as they are now. What happened in the past is over and done with. They don’t need to start banning people arbitrarily. They need to do their jobs the right way and not become complete power-hungry morons. Oh wait, too late for that.

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