Eli Lilly Potential Alzheimer's Treatment Yields Promising Sign in Late-Stage

Eli Lilly potential Alzheimer's treatment yields promising sign in late-stage

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INDIANAPOLIS — A possible Alzheimer's disease treatment from drugmaker Eli Lilly showed some promise in late-stage research, even though the drug failed to slow a form of mental decline in two separate studies of patients with the mind-robbing condition.
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Heroin on the rise

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And 50-percent of patients walking through the doors at Fairbanks Addiction Treatment Center in Indianapolis are hooked on the opiate based drugs. Robin Parsons, who directs adult services at the treatment center, says heroin has a new face.
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Chamberlain Farms a salmonella source, DNA confirms

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(CBS/AP) A DNA test has revealed that cantaloupe from Chamberlain Farms in Owensville, Indiana is the source of at least some of the salmonella responsible for an outbreak that sickened people in 21 states and killed two Kentucky residents, the Food …
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Drug resurgence: Why is heroin popular again?

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Doctors prescribed enough prescription painkillers in 2010 to treat every American adult for a month, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Millions abused the drugs. In an effort to stop the abuse, drug manufacturers have …
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