Drug Rehabilitation Center in California — Rebuild Your Family Relationships


Drug rehabilitation center in California — Rebuild your family relationships – Family is important to you, and their involvement in drug rehab treatment is important to us . You will eventually return to your daily life and relationships, it is essential that family dynamics change along with you. The drug rehabilitation center in California medical team educates families about the ways drugs and alcohol affect the brain, changing the user’s ability to think, feel and make rational choices, and answers each family’s questions about how addiction is affecting their lives. Visit www.camprecovery.com


Accused Attorney Blames Drug Addiction for Thievery

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A disbarred Dallas County personal injury attorney accused of stealing from his clients now blames drug addiction for his problems. Tom Corea, 42, appeared in court Wednesday morning asking a judge to send him to a pricey rehab facility. Corea wanted …
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Neighbors Are Angry about Rehab Center Opening

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"With a drug rehab center 100 yards from our house, the property value will go down,” said Rexrode. “So if they choose to resell the house, it's going to be harder." To Daniel, the center is an example of hope for the community. “That people know, that …
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