Drug Addiction: AFGHANISTAN: Drug Addiction – a Growing Burden – IRIN

AFGHANISTAN: Drug addiction – a growing burden – IRIN

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KABUL, 21 April 2010 (IRIN) – Afghanistan’s production of opiates and hashish is increasingly hurting its own people as well as damaging the health of millions across the world, officials and experts warn. Over the past five years the number of drug …
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Q&A: “In Portugal, We Fight the Illness, Not the People Who Suffer from It” – Inter Press Service

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The architect of Portugal’s policy, which crystallised a struggle that began in the late 1970s, was Dr. João Castel-Branco Goulão, president of this country’s Institute on Drugs and Drug Addiction and chairman of the European Monitoring Centre on …
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Investigator: Heroin epidemic hits Cleveland suburbs

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The cheapness of heroin was by design, as the Mexican drug cartels – which had taken over opium growing and distribution in recent years — could see they had a captive market in the suburbs fueled by the pain med addiction. They also changed heroin …
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Curbing cocaine abuse

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(WIAT)- Cocaine is presently the most abused major stimulant drug in America. It has also become the drug most frequently involved in emergency department visits. Now researchers are saying the solution to the addiction problem could be in the form of …
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Meet The Drug Dealer Who Helps Addicts Quit

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An Albuquerque man who goes by the name Mystery Man has stepped in to fill the void. He says he illegally sells Suboxone every day. To get Suboxone, Mystery Man has to find a patient with a Suboxone prescription, and give that person the $ 50 co-pay to …
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UN Integrated Regional Information Networks : Fishermen in the southern coastal town of Kribi are warily casting their nets UN EXPERT CALLS ON SINGAPORE NOT TO HANG NIGERIAN ON DRUG CHARGES, SAYS BREACHES RIGHTS burden and require a defendant to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he … Document Viewer

Ideas Thematic Report 2010: Security And Protection Of Human …
Afghanistan 131-135 2. Iraq 136-139 C. Proxy detention sites 140-156 1. in criminal cases or in other cases such as, for example, mental illness, vagrancy, drug addiction The burden of definite suspicion is a high burden that must be individualized and must not be … View Doc

PRT Handbook Edition 4
IRINIntegrated Regional Information Networks 62. UNMACA – United Nations Mine Action Centre for Afghanistan 62 Poppy Cultivation Trends in Afghanistan 140. Structure and Responsibilities of Drug Control in harm the environment nor place too heavy a burden on … Read Full Source

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Afghanistan Counter Narcotics Negative
IRIN 2004. In-Depth: Bitter-Sweet Harvest: Afghanistan's New War, http blow to the Afghan drug trade, even if Washington must assume a disproportionate share of the financial burden anti-narcotics in Afghanistan on an equal footing with the worldwide war on terrorism. “We consider drug addiction … Fetch This Document

UN IRIN 15.09.11. White coats hang empty ((Financial Mail, SA must address critical health workforce shortages in order to effectively respond to the growing burden Its long-term goal is to enhance MOLISA staff's capability in treating drug addiction and support … Access Doc

Individual drug firms should stop paying for medical education No matter how developed a country’s economy is, doctor shortage is a shared burden across West The workshop is being facilitated by experts from Nepal, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and Afghanistan. … View Full Source

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Country Of Origin Information Report Afghanistan June 2009
Drug Production and Addiction 26.01. 27. Abuses by Non-government armed forces 27.01 IRIN News, Afghanistan: US military aid thwarts grazing land clashes, 16 June 2009 was created in 2006 as a quick fix measure to help address the growing Taliban-led insurgency in southern Afghanistan … Return Document

In an interview with IRIN Nuristani said that irrigation in Afghanistan is among the top six priorities of the government. are working, and rehabilitation is urgently needed in order to ease the burden on them were not working, primarily because the underlying issue of drug addiction was not … Return Document

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Termed “one of the fastest growing cities in the region”, Afghanistan's at the international conference on Afghanistan at The Hague in March 2009 to assist Kabul in countering drug relies on figures indicated in “Afghanistan: Ethnic antagonism spurs land disputes in north”, IRIN, 11 … Fetch Here

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