Could the Belief in God Be an Addiction? Do They Need “God Rehab”?

Question by Harsh Truth: Could the belief in god be an addiction? Do they need “God Rehab”?
Some Christians think atheists are bitter(which is not true). Just like some alcoholics think sober people are bitter. Could it be because some Christians have to depend on god to be happy? Isn’t that how drug and alcohol addicts are? Alcoholics think they have to depend on alcohol to function. Lots of Christians are the same way about god.

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Answer by Sharkfishrman
What would Jesus say?

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7 Responses to Could the Belief in God Be an Addiction? Do They Need “God Rehab”?

  • jtuckerndfw says:

    Religion is the opium of the masses. (Karl Marx)

    God believers are just like any other drug addict. They are in denial, delusional and prone to violence against anyone who attempts to separate them from their drug.

  • plastik says:

    I believe a lot of Atheists depend on Religion to remain happy as well. Without us religious people, you would have little to bash.

  • Asa K says:

    Well, some people are so weak minded, that they need the feeling of a god, a “big brother” always looking out for them and protecting their best interest. So in a way, it makes them feel better about themselves and would be addicting if your a weak minded person needing that kind of attention. So yes, god is like a drug.

    I highly doubt that there can be a “God Rehab”, I would love to see a God Believing person go to a “God Rehab” and admit they have a problem. God is worse than drugs. Philosophy is basically sneaking someone into “God Rehab” without them knowing.

  • chance says:

    Yes, for some people…god is an obsession. Religious rituals become all consuming. At this level, it’s probably more about “god” fearing than love for god.

    Modern China considers god/religion as an opiate of the people, and the govt does everything to dissuade the population from worshipping. China mandates that people should care only about their community and the homeland. Ironically, China is probably the only place on earth where religious intolerance has never occurred among its people. After Indonesia, China has the 2nd most Muslims in the world.

    Buddhism is the only world religion that has never promoted a war, or teach that other religions are wrong.

  • renoufj says:

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  • CRACKFACE86 says:

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  • christiandrugrehab1 says:

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