Blog: Local Latino Non-Profit Receives $625000 to Prevent Drug Abuse

Blog: Local Latino non-profit receives 5000 to prevent drug abuse

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The Tucson-based non-profit group Amistades Inc. will receive a five-year $ 625,000 grant from the federal government to prevent substance abuse. Amistades runs an alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse prevention program targeted toward the city's …
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Celebrating National Recovery Month and Associated Efforts to Strengthen Viral

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The good news is that research funded through our colleagues at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has found that drug abuse prevention and treatment are effective at preventing the spread of infectious disease, including viral hepatitis …
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Hypersexual Disorder/Sexual Addiction: Useful Diagnosis or Judgment?

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Over the past several months I have been writing blogs for Psych Central that extensively explain the DSM-5 Hypersexuality Diagnosis and the concept of sexual addiction. …. Issues with labeling and the DSM aside, clinicians treating sexual addiction …
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