Addicts for Drugs Have Detoxes… How Can I Go About to Help “other” Types of Addictions to Have a Safe Rehab?

Question by A W: Addicts for drugs have detoxes… how can I go about to help “other” types of addictions to have a safe rehab?
drug addicted people have drug rehab places to go to when they need help… is there any thing I can do to try to have people in the higher political offices help other offenders have a safe place to go to help themselves before they end up in trouble? Any suggestions on how to go about this?
I have run into many people that are offenders and they have stated to me that if there was a safe place to go before they offended… they would not have offended the way they did and … this will also help society to have safe havens for these people to go and get the help they need in a safe… secretive way… any suggestions would be great… thanks

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Answer by LENA
since you really care, invite em to stay over your house.

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Nationwide Drug Addiction Help 1-888-917-3422


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